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AHS Drama Presents Home on the Mornin' Train

Posted Date: 03/14/2018

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On Monday, March 19 at 6:30 pm, in the AHS auditorium, the Atlanta High School drama team will perform Home on the Mornin’ Train, a play by Kim Hines (Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, 311 Washington St.Woodstock, IL 60098). Doors will open at 6pm and tickets are $3 at the door.

About the play
Two parallel time periods, places, and historical events come to life on stage.
In 1839 Alabama, slavery is at its peak in the United States. 
In 1939 Germany, Hitler has ordered the elimination of Jews. 

Jewish children Rifka, Aaron, Baruch, David and Ledah are sent by their parents into hiding 
with the Westemeier family in rural Germany.  The Westemeier's son, Karl, helps his father hide the Jewish children until they can safely flee Germany. While in hiding, the Jewish children read from a first-person account of a runaway, teenage slave named Brave Mary.  Brave Mary is joined in her escape by two other runaway slaves, Katie-Mae and a young boy named Kindred.  Their guide on their escape is a former slave named Runaway Jessie.  In America, Adelaide, the daughter of an abolitionist banker, 
helps runaway slaves on their flight to freedom. Olivia, another former slave, uses a boat to ferry runaway slaves to safety.  The Jewish children are inspired by the courageous, runaway slaves who they are reading about.

Directed by Kristen McCasland
The cast and crew is as follows:

Tracker 1 – Kason Kennedy
Tracker 2 – Shelby Kennedy
Tracker 3 – Taylor Chaffin
Runaway – Jessie Shanisha Anderson
Brave Mary – Sha'Niikiia Anderson
Katie Mae – Deonshanae' Lewis
Kindred – Chase Haskins
Baruch – Kade Hill
Rifka – Abby Allen
Aaron – Caleb Helfrick
Ledah – Brittany Shew
David – Zach Clements
Karl – Blaise Hooten
Adelaide – DeIla Kerns
Olivia – Michelle Cervantes
young man – Taylor Chaffin

Lights – Ge'Corri Gulley & Kaitlyn Knorr
Sound – Hayden Graves & Kaitlyn Knorr
Stage crew – Savannah Kitner & Desaree Marsh