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Kimberly Charleston

Welcome to Ms. Charleston’s Classroom!


  1. Pencils/Pens – All mathematical work MUST be done in pencil.
  2. Binder with Notebook Paper & Dividers – You will keep all papers and material s in a one-inch (1”) ring binder with section dividers, and you will be required to come prepared with loose-leaf notebook paper daily. (No torn out, ragged edge paper will be accepted)  We will do binder checks each six weeks for a TEST grades.  Sections in your binder: Warm-ups, Reference Material, Notes, Quizzes/Test, and Graded Papers.
  3. Laptop/Textbook – You are required to bring your Chromebook to class each day where it may be used for note taking, research, of for flipped learning.
  4. Scientific Calculator – You will need a scientific calculator for this class.  I suggest getting your own, learning how to use it effectively, and bringing it to class with you everyday (it must be able to handle scientific notation).

Classroom Rules:

1)         RESPECT… 

2)         Arrive to class on time, organized, and prepared for class. 

3)         Work for other classes may NOT be completed in my classroom.  All other work will be confiscated and not returned.    

4)         Copy and complete the Bell work assignment from the board in your notebook daily.

5)         No food, drink, gum, or candy permitted.          

6)         Do not interrupt other students' learning.

7)         ALL school rules will be enforced in my classroom.

8)       DO YOUR VERY BEST!!!!




Kimberly Charleston

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